A simple but effective solution to support the work with hand hygiene in a care environment.

Careminder uses small local wireless networks, inexpensive sensors and smart algorithms to automatically track how hand hygiene routines are followed in real time. The system can remind staff that they are about to end up in a situation where hand hygiene is important. Then the mental stress of always thinking about when and where I last washed my hands decreases and I as a carer can instead focus my thoughts on giving the people who depend on me the best possible care.

The system is developed by SAAZ with the support of Vinnova.


Hand hygiene is central to keeping infections and diseases away from our elderly and fragile. It is something our staff in housing and home care constantly have in mind, different situations require different degrees of preparation and it gives an unnecessary stress.

By lifting it from the staff's shoulders and instead working with friendly reminders, the staff can focus on the people they meet instead. The data is also available for business development and as a tool to further support the long-term work with hygiene.


The company SAAZ has developed a reminder system that uses components from consumer electronics for low cost that together with smart algorithms can distinguish movement patterns and actions without having to register personal data or monitor the slightest movement of the user.

During 2020-2021, Careminder will be tested in a ward at the Stattenahemmet nursing home.

Impact target

Reduced spread of infection in nursing homes

Impact target

Reduced anxiety among residents

Impact target

Reduced stress among staff

Resident involvement

The solution is being tested in a nursing home by the staff


Name: Robert Skans
E-mail: robert.skans@helsingborg.se

Name: Ingrid Bergh
E-mail: ingrid.bergh@helsingborg.se