To explore how we can take the step from being alone to taking part in the opportunities of social community that exist in the city, and to map the social arenas that exist. We will also examine what is missing to meet the needs.


Many people suffer from involuntary loneliness in all age groups, which leads to both mental and physical illness. From a management perspective, involuntary loneliness also leads to extended contacts and increased risk of relapse and thus higher consumption of our services.


In-depth interviews with residents, surveys on dialogue Helsingborg and interviews with staff who meet alone in their work. The needs that are identified are included in workshops with staff, voluntary organizations and residents.

Impact target

The fact that more people are in a social community, which has positive health effects and increased quality of life, reduces the need for a professional network

Resident involvement

Residents participate through Dialog Helsingborg, in-depth interviews and workshops


Name: Bitte Wikström
E-mail: bitte.wikstrom@helsingborg.se

Name: Charlotta Schön
E-mail: charlotta.schon@helsingborg.se