Dealing with issues related to attendance, absence and time of arrival can take up many minutes each lesson. Can we save that time and at the same time give the student the opportunity to take personal responsibility for attendance reporting?


Registering whether a student is in the classroom or not is not particularly time-consuming, but the discussions that follow can take all the more time and focus on both student and teacher. By having the student take responsibility for registering their attendance, we may be able to remove the discussions about whether the student was there or not, increase their own sense of responsibility and save valuable minutes for other conversations and teaching.


This pilot started with a curiosity about what technical solutions could enable an automatic attendance registration in a good way based on the school's conditions. Maybe there need to be a couple of different solutions to choose from depending on the school? During the pilot, we test three different technical solutions:

  • QR codes
  • Bluetooth
  • RFID

So far we have done a first test and it is possible to read more here. Through that test, it turned out, among other things, that the students appreciated being able to handle their own attendance registration and that it worked as an incentive to get to the lesson on time.

Impact target

Saved time

Impact target

Increased presence

Resident involvement

The test involves a class of 15 students in the vehicle program at Rönnowskaskolan.


Name: Hisham Taha - teacher Rönnowska
E-mail: hisham.taha@helsingborg.se

Name: Kristina Törnblom - Hbg Works
E-mail: kristina.törnblom@helsingborg.se

Name: Armin Pendek - Hbg Works
E-mail: armin.pendek@helsingborg.se