A park that is too dark, that subway that feels uninviting, an abandoned warehouse with graffiti, dark concrete houses and that playground that no one has done anything with in 40 years. These are places that most people can recognize, places many pass daily and that may be located in the area you live in. Through the Block By Block project, participants can navigate in a three-dimensional image of the areas similar to the above. In this three-dimensional world, participants are encouraged to try in new creative ways, tackle difficult issues and problems such as security creation, inclusion, sustainability, the environment and innovation.


For many participants, this will be one of the first times that they publicly express their views on challenges and problems in their local area. In addition to giving participants a direct chance to influence and take ownership, this builds bridges between residents, young and old - and city officials where together they can transform areas with development potential for the better in a non-traditional way. The participants themselves become architects and planners and can thus ensure and present the ideas and needs that exist.


By navigating a three-dimensional image of their hometown, participants have the opportunity to express themselves in new and creative ways, solve problems and take ownership of their residential area. In the process, they learn technical skills, sustainable energy and get a chance to practice ideas into reality. The project is carried out together with a workshop leader but provides space for the participants to develop, lead and create on their own. The project has previously been tested globally with very good results - now it's our turn!


Name: Serkan Erol
E-mail: serkan.erol@helsingborg.se

Name: Malin Marksell
E-mail: malin.marksell@helsingborg.se