At the end of 2018, NSR was notified by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency that it had been granted money to build a facility for the production of biochar from mainly garden waste at NSR's facility in Helsingborg.

NSR currently receives large amounts of garden waste from private individuals and businesses. The garden waste is chipped and composted and becomes nutrient-rich soil, but today a coarser part is only sent for incineration. In hot seasons, it can also be difficult to get rid of the coarser chips, but by making biochar from it, we get a greater benefit from it, such as. soil improvers or to care for contaminated soils. At the same time, we are creating a biochar that provides the opportunity to be returned to the municipalities for use in its green structure.

Parallel to Biochar Production Another project is underway that is of great importance for the production plant for biochar and that project is called Greater Bio and is an EU project within the program Interreg ÖKS.

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Name: Ludvig Landen
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