Many of our elderly are still active in the bud but do not have as much strength as before. Even if the body does not really have the strength and permission, they want to be involved and share experiences such as children's parties, weddings and funerals with their loved ones. Or if the friends at the accommodation are going on an excursion but they can not join themselves.

Var Med creates the opportunity for social participation that gives self-esteem and meaning to life, perhaps especially for those who have difficulty moving or physically do not have the strength to get out the door, even though they are fully mentally attached.


When the body can no longer cope, you as an older person can feel isolated and outside in certain contexts. Var Med is intended as an aid to sharing the whole of life's private gatherings with someone who for various reasons can no longer be present.

Where With allows you to be involved and get a sense of experiences that you might otherwise have missed. We see that this innovation can be used by many of our customers who have difficulty getting out into the world, both in home care and elderly care.


The idea for Var Med originates from the innovation Be my Body, which was born during an innovation sprint with the Culture Administration and the Health and Care Administration.

When using Var Med, you connect to an interactive video call where you can control with oral and written communication via telephone, toad, computer or TV screen.

During the winter of 2021, a simplified prototype was tested. Based on the results, we continue to work on a more sustainable and concrete product.

Impact target

Reduced feeling of isolation and exclusion among the elderly in nursing homes or in home care.

Impact target

Increased number of private contacts for the elderly who have relatives in another place and who normally have few physical visitors.

Resident involvement

Tested on customer


Name: Niels Bergsten
E-mail: niels.bergsten@helsingborg.se