Be my body is a cross-sectoral project where we explore the effects of the interplay between culture, digitalisation and elderly care. We believe that with the help of digital technology, we can both break the perceived loneliness and isolation that many older people feel, while we can invite to different cultural experiences in the city of Helsingborg. The project aims to offer activities that can be experienced and interacted with, both individually and in larger groups through live and recorded events such as a guided tour of Dunkers kulturhus exhibition halls, Midsummer celebrations at Fredriksdal's museum and gardens, Rhododendron flowering at Sofiero Castle or perhaps an interesting discussion at Helsingborg City Library in a book circle?


We want to be able to promote everyone's opportunity for cultural experiences and participation in cultural life. It is not only an important work for the cultural sector, but also an important part of the work for equal health for the population and our well-being. Research has shown that cultural experiences help prevent mental illness by giving people a context. It also invites social participation, increases self-esteem and gives meaning to life - perhaps extra much for the target group who have difficulty moving or when the body does not have the strength, but where the head hangs with.


With today's technology, we can broadcast almost everything live, it is only the imagination that sets the limits. With the help of a body camera that is placed on a guide, we can easily follow various activities while participants have the opportunity to talk and ask questions to the guide. It is an interactive experience that not only takes the culture to the nursing home - but also takes the viewer to the culture. All this can be easily enjoyed via your phone, your toad or livestreamed directly on a TV screen for more participants. We believe that this also creates a curiosity for technology and opportunities to get acquainted with digital solutions.

Resident involvement

The whole experience was created based on dialogue with the residents of Lussebäcken's nursing home.


Name: Serkan Erol (KF)
E-mail: serkan.erol@helsingborg.se

Name: Fabian Svensson Lundmark (VOF)
E-mail: fabian.SvenssonLundmark@helsingborg.se