The sustainable transport of containers of the future is being explored in the Port of Helsingborg.


Developing electric vehicles with self-driving technology creates the right commercial conditions for the sustainable transport of the future. Vehicles without a cab naturally become lighter and can be designed and driven with electric propulsion. Einride's trucks, so-called pods, can transport goods at times of the day when traffic is calmer and without having to stop for a break or rest. Once the vehicles are loaded, a driver does not have to sit next to them and wait. Instead, the vehicle fleet is monitored by a remote operator who can remotely control if necessary. Einride's solution for self-driving electric trucks is based on a number of different technologies. Including a number of safety systems and sensors such as lidars, radar and cameras that are used to position the vehicle and read the surroundings.

Together with Einride, we want to develop the driverless and electrically powered technology for container transport. Autonomous freight vehicles in the port will reduce climate impact and noise, while the port's surfaces can be used more efficiently.


The pilot project in the port starts Q3 2021 where Einride is responsible for the development of both hardware and software.

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Name: Zandra Lindell
E-mail: zandra.lindell@port.helsingborg.se