All problems and needs that are reported to the health and care administration also automatically create a need in our innovation portfolio. They help to guide innovation work by highlighting where problems and needs exist in the operations.


Problems and needs are excellent starting points for innovation. If we solve a problem that someone experiences, we have done something good, if it is also in a new way, it is an innovation.


The city has good and elaborate routines for collecting and managing problems and needs that are reported by both residents and employees. If these problems and needs can also be automatically transferred to the innovation office, we will soon have a large number of real problems to work with.

Impact target

Increased number of innovations linked to real needs

Impact target

Increased number of chafing in our needs database


Name: Maria Rosendahl
E-mail: maria.rosendahl@helsingborg.se

Name: Ingrid Nyman
E-mail: ingrid.nyman@helsingborg.se