We test new ways of reusing building materials when we demolish and build new ones.


The construction industry needs to go further in the recycling issue to reduce the climate impact and the use of natural resources in construction projects. We can learn more and contribute to knowledge in the industry by testing in suitable construction projects.


In connection with district development at Drottninghög, we test the recycling of concrete, brick and metal and pick up spare parts from houses that are being demolished. We want to try reusing concrete parts and bricks as building materials again instead of them being crushed and at best used as landfill. Concrete parts have been carefully dismantled to enable recycling. Bricks have been sawn into blocks and will be part of the City Quarter's new facades. It will be a nice pattern masonry and all passers-by can see the contrast between the new and old brick. The stair railings from the stairwells have been reused as plant support and we will reuse a number of sinks.

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Name: Tina Appelqvist
E-mail: tina.appelqvist@helsingborgshem.se