In Helsingborg, just like in the rest of Sweden, we have both many who are out of work and many companies who have difficulty finding people to hire. If we can get the skills of those looking for work to match the needs of the companies that need to hire, it would mean a lot to both the city and the people who live in it.



If companies have difficulty finding people with the right skills for certain professions or jobs, we usually call it a shortage. We have very many shortcomings in Helsingborg, which means that some are allowed to work more than they can handle while others are not allowed to work at all, while employers may not be able to expand their business as they want because it is still not possible to find staff.

If we succeed better with matching, it means enormously positive changes for the individuals as well as for companies and society at large.

Traditionally, we have worked a lot to equip jobseekers based on their needs and conditions, and then we have tried to adapt the labor market accordingly by providing support to employers or working with changes in attitudes. We must not stop there, but we must also turn the tables and start from the needs of the labor market.




We are now adapting our way of working to match the needs of residents with the needs of the labor market. We will now start from where the jobs actually are and what the important shortcomings are and adapt our way of working and the efforts we make to meet the companies' need for skills.

Our way of doing this is developing together with both residents and the hiring companies.

We tailor industry and theme weeks for participants in dialogue with employers. We have used customer travel to find the best way to work with recruitment for, for example, warehouses.

As an example, we can also mention the collaboration with Ikea, where jobseekers get internships in Ikea's restaurant at the same time as they receive training in restaurants and commercial kitchens via the Adult Education.

Impact target

A better match between employers' needs and jobseekers should give more people into work.


Name: Valmir Jusufi
E-mail: valmir.jusufi@helsingborg.se