We want to increase knowledge about littering through a game. The idea is that it will be an AR game (augmented reality), like Pokemon go, but it can also work without AR. AR means that real environments interact with fictitious ones.

The game could be available as a separate app, added to an existing one, for example Guide Helsingborg, or as a web application. The game takes the player around the city to draw attention to littering problems or other issues in a fun way.


The idea of a game on the phone is based on the challenge of reaching out with knowledge about the consequences of littering and the message that everyone wins in a cleaner city. We want to spread knowledge in a positive way without warnings for users to take the message. Our campaigns in the city center, on buses and in our social channels are important, but research shows that many people absorb information better through experiences and to be active themselves instead of only receiving information.

A game could be an opportunity to reach young people, who according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency litter more than older people. By making the game in several languages, we could also reach non-Swedish-speaking groups that are difficult to reach today.


There are two variants that could be evaluated to find the best way to go. The first takes its starting point in Pokemon Go, but with a larger Helsingborg connection. The player must catch virtual junk, debris or the like. When he comes to certain places in the city, questions arise (such as a quiz about, among other things, littering) where he can win extra points. With the points system, it is possible to compete against each other, something that is important in both variants of the game. There could be places in the game where it is possible to meet for real to pick up rubbish together for which it is possible to get points.

The second variant of the game is similar to the murder mysteries / wanderings that are organized live. On the hikes, the littering itself will only be part of the challenge and can thus hopefully also attract those who do not normally get involved in the issue. The game can be designed in collaboration with other administrations. For example, the cultural administration when the story could be about a theft where a painting has been stolen from Dunkers culture house and you get to know more about the exhibitions there. The player must find clues around the city, for example in the form of trash baskets and trash, as well as by interviewing people in the game. During the game, the player is asked questions about, among other things, littering, which they must pass in order to proceed. Maybe it is also possible to involve stores and as a reward get discounts in the stores that are included?

After a workshop with young people, it emerged that they would play the game if it was part of the teaching in the school.



Impact target

We want to increase knowledge about littering through a game.

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Name: Louise Halén
E-mail: Louise.Halen@helsingborg.se