Is it possible to create an understanding of how the 17 global goals are present in our city, by children for children, with the help of AR technology?


We see a need to increase understanding of the global goals and their meaning. With the help of AR technology, we get a new opportunity to involve the children in a visual way that is directly linked to specific places in the city. In this way, the global goals get a place in the local context in a new way.


The children at Elineberg's preschools create AR materials by placing the global goals in different places in the city that have a specific connection to each goal, filming them and sounding with their stories about each goal and its place. Goal number 3 - Good health and well-being - spins down at Surflekan, for example, because the children think that play and movement are important for that particular goal.


Status: Realized

The work to increase knowledge about the global goals with the help of AR technology is underway at Elineberg's preschools, and the experiences are spread, among other things, via study visits.

Impact target

Increased understanding of the meaning of global goals for the city


The first tests indicate that the understanding of the goals is increasing.

Resident involvement

The initiative is explored and tested together with the children at Elineberg's preschools.


Name: Anna Siding
E-mail: Anna.siding@helsingborg.se