The steam ferry park has a world-unique self-watering lawn whose technology is only used in Helsingborg and Hong Kong.



The technology combined with a soil moisture sensor in the lawn makes it healthier, nicer and greener for a few extra months a year. In addition, the city saves costs on excess irrigation. This system reduces irrigation requirements by up to 85% of a normal lawn water requirement and there is no leakage of nutrients or other agents into the environment, which are truly sensational improvements from yesterday's systems. A well-visited place like Ångfärjeparken needs technology to avoid wear and tear. Otherwise, artificial grass would have had to be installed.


Soil moisture sensors from Sensefarm AB measures the moisture in the sandy surface of the lawn. Via the mobile, you can plan and regulate so that the grass does not get too wet or dry. Similar technology is used today on the city motorway 111, where each irrigation previously cost a lot of money as the road partially had to be blocked off. The concept for the Steam Ferry Park is completely new. Both humidity and temperature in the sandy surface of the lawn are measured via equipment in the green electrical cabinets by the park trees. The information is then forwarded to a cloud service where water parameters for care are measured and Capillary Hydroponics' measurement values are visualized in an advanced and pedagogical way.

If you want to know more, you will find a movie here.

Impact target

Healthy and green lawn with only 15 percent of normal water consumption


The first time caring for the lawn is a learning period, but we can see that it is green and nice and that the goal for water consumption is achieved.


Name: Andreas Hall
E-mail: andreas.hall@helsingborg.se