Öresundskraft provides a digital infrastructure in the form of Stadsnät and Stadshubb for IoT, as well as StadshubbsAlliansen, a national collaboration cluster for IoT. This new infrastructure is a huge enabler for innovation with a variety of initiatives and applications linked to it.

About 50 of Sweden's 280 municipalities are already part of the StadshubbsAlliansen and collaborate on smart development around IoT and provide space for scalable and thus also more sustainable solutions. By taking part in each other's lessons, sharing successful cases and this via an open platform that invites members and suppliers on equal terms, Stadshubben works for IoT as a complement to the open City Network.

Watch a film that describes the possibilities with Stadshubben here.


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Name: Bo Lindberg
E-mail: Bo.Lindberg@oresundskraft.se