During an innovation sprint, a team from Staffing and Recruitment presented a proposal for an AI assistant that could relieve staff and increase the level of service; "Gunnar".

Gunnar is a system that can communicate with and retrieve information from several of the city's systems that we work in daily. By only having to work and manage staff in one system, we save time, resources and money that currently goes to manual handling and updating of endless Excel lists.

Gunnar will also function as a place where we, together with companies and academia, can develop new and valuable services with the help of AI. Although it is difficult to say what will come out of it, we aim for Gunnar to be able to help arrange substitutes in a good way even when the office is closed and our administrators are vacant.


Handling large amounts of data from different systems in common excel sheets is neither secure nor efficient, so already by bringing the information together in a more secure and efficient way, the work of staffing and recruitment is facilitated. We do thousands of jobs every year and have hundreds of temps to keep track of. so the need for fast and smart ways of working is great. We have several large business systems where different information is available, and they do not always simply talk to each other.

In addition, the city is always awake, the health and care administration has operations running during all hours of the day and all days of the year. Sometimes you simply need to get a substitute outside office hours, something that can be difficult today.


The solution consists of a database where data from different business systems is collected in a secure way and can be processed efficiently. Much has already been gained there in the form of time savings, but it will be really exciting if you think about how artificial intelligence can be used to create valuable services and relieve our employees.

We see a couple of probable functions where we can connect a chat bot that answers the most common questions based on the information, how wise algorithms can help keep order in the database and suggest measures such as skills development.

As the icing on the cake, we hope that "Gunnar" can respond to requests for substitutes outside office hours, but there will certainly be more valuable services that we can not even imagine today

We expect that upscaling can take place within the city but also nationally.

Impact target

Better service for our businesses that need substitutes outside office hours

Impact target

Better and faster service for temps, new employees and those looking for work with us

Impact target

More efficient and safer management of the substitute pool

Impact target

Savings of funds

Impact target

Quality-assured processes


Name: Martina Elofsson
E-mail: martina.elofsson@helsingborg.se

Name: Agneta Wennerberg
E-mail: Agneta.Wennerberg@helsingborg.se