Staffing and recruitment at the health and care administration combine several different systems daily to staff Helsingborg in health and care. By using Gunnar, we save resources in the form of time and money. Gunnar is a smart AI-driven assistant who communicates and retrieves information from several of the city's systems, even outside office hours.

During an innovation sprint, a team from the staffing and recruitment department presented a proposal for Gunnar, the AI assistant, who could relieve the staff and increase the level of service.

Gunnar is an initiative where we, together with companies and academia, develop new and valuable services with the help of AI.


We employ thousands of employees every year and have hundreds of substitutes to keep track of. The need for fast and smart ways of working is great. Our business systems have all their advantages, but they do not always talk to each other.

The care and welfare administration's operations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Sometimes we need a substitute outside of office hours. Gunnar takes care of the staffing of available work shifts and sees which substitutes are available.

Large amounts of data from different systems in common Excel sheets are neither safe nor efficient to handle. Resources that go to manual handling and updates can be used smarter with the help of Gunnar.


Gunnar consists of a database where data from different business systems is collected in a secure way and can be processed efficiently. Here we save time and human resources.

The development opportunities we see are to connect to a chat bot that can answer the substitutes' most common questions.

A first working prototype is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022. We see that the need is great not only in the city but also nationally.

Impact target

Better service for our businesses that need substitutes outside office hours

Impact target

Better and faster service for temps, new employees and those looking for work with us

Impact target

More efficient and safer management of the substitute pool

Impact target

Savings of funds

Impact target

Quality-assured processes


Name: Martina Elofsson
E-mail: martina.elofsson@helsingborg.se

Name: Agneta Wennerberg
E-mail: Agneta.Wennerberg@helsingborg.se