Being without a job or lacking the opportunity to support oneself means enormous strains both for the individual and for society. The labor market administration is part of the work of the City of Helsingborg to get more people into work. Now we want to supplement that work with an educationally structured digital tool that equips those who are looking for work to increase the conditions for a job or started studies.




With the tool, which right now goes by the name U2Work, we want to create an educational package that can follow the jobseeker from start to finish in a process towards a new job.

The tool should be seen as a complement to our regular operations to strengthen the range of support for those who currently lack support and need a job. With the tool, more people can have the opportunity to increase the skills that are sometimes needed to approach a new job.

With the help of AI, we want to develop a support for creating a CV that takes into account both who writes the CV and which job is applied for. In addition, we are investigating the possibility that with AI, a dialogue-based interview training that gives the jobseeker feedback on how to handle a job interview.


We develop a digital tool with gamification and an AI-driven CV writing to equip jobseekers in a fun and educational way to approach a job or studies.

Today, there are several opportunities to take part in support for you who are looking for a new job. You can get job search tips by Google, you can watch webinars and listen to podcasts on the Swedish Public Employment Service's website. You can also get help with your resume on several different sites.

With U2Work, we make a complete packaging that will be able to guide a jobseeker through the entire process. U2Work is made as a journey with a number of stations or stops for an interview and a new job. At each station, you train new abilities and learn new knowledge, about your own skills, about how the labor market works or how you can best answer difficult questions in a job interview.

We are now launching version 1 of a completely finished product. The user tests during the development phase have been very successful and have given exciting improvements.

Impact target

More out to work.

Resident involvement

We have developed the service in close collaboration with residents and end users who have been involved when we tested the service in recurring loops.


Name: Peter Ekström
E-mail: peter.ekstrom@helsingborg.se