During the corona pandemic, the demands on the planning of the work of healthcare staff have been higher than normal. DAgents' scheduling systems based on old technology have proved insufficient to deal with the situation with serious consequences for the vulnerable groups.

Exhausted nurses with long shifts and high demands on hourly substitutes will be the result when the scheduling goes on its knees. The goal is a useful AI model for scheduling that can generate at least as good schedules as the scheduler but faster, more efficient, fairer and at any time of the day when the need for rescheduling may arise.


An AI-powered scheduling tool has many benefits, for example:

  • Automation. When there is no human involved, the system cannot be blamed for favoring any individual employee.
  • Speed. An AI model can generate new schedule proposals in a very short time and thus make the business less vulnerable to rapidly occurring sick leave.
  • Efficiency. A system powered by AI algorithms can take into account more parameters than a human and calculate a larger number of possible proposals.
  • Learning. A system powered by AI can load historical data and develop schedules based on it.


Together with unit managers, administrators and employees, we develop all aspects that a scheduler must take into account. This involves, for example, requirements regarding operations and work environment, but also minimizing the number of people a customer meets and creating schedules that work for the staff's life puzzles.

AI developers create models that take into account all requirements and that quickly generate a large number of proposals, at least as good as a human. The models can also be run over and over again when conditions change, are independent of what time of day it is, and can learn which schedules work best.

Impact target

Less time spent on scheduling

Impact target

New ways of working with scheduling in the group


Name: Jeccica Linde
E-mail: jeccica.linde@helsingborg.se

Name: Martina Elofsson
E-mail: martina.elofsson@helsingborg.se