The printing house is an activity house that tests new, here we meet across generational boundaries and find each other in our interests. We skip the fixed templates and let the ideas decide in which direction the business should grow.



We believe that we create better activities, by involving more residents and letting young people produce the content in the activity house. No activities are started without us asking the question why and having an answer to it. Whose needs and demand are what we solve. The work is closely linked to service design and the staff is continuously trained in this.


At Tryckeriet, new rooms and activities are emerging - two H22-LABs, a green room, an activity kitchen for the residents, a dance room and more. Rooms where we think, think, shape and be inspired by new ideas. Where we let our imagination lead us forward. How can we visualize our ideas and the future? We may not be able to test everything in real life, but in our 360 ° movie room we can build virtual worlds where anything is possible!

Impact target

Increased participation and co-creation of residents in Helsingborg.

Resident involvement

Tests take place together with residents (all ages) who visit the Printing House and create the content.


Name: Brita Jensen
E-mail: Brita.Jensen@helsingborg.se

Name: Maria Jönsson
E-mail: maria.jonsson4@helsingborg.se