A new storytelling method in some of our cultural-historical environments such as farms and in the city district where we want to develop three-dimensional listening experiences for visitors of all ages. We start a pilot project on our forest farm Lillarydsgården where the time today is set to 1830. Visitors will experience how the farm comes to life with the help of sound. With the three-dimensional sound, the visitor is given the opportunity to stand in the middle of the events and get to follow a life cycle on the farm.


Helsingborgs museum is an experienced mediator with different methods and to different target groups. Lillarydsgården is a fantastic learning environment for schoolchildren, students but also for visitors. The mediators are cultural and nature educators but also volunteers who populate the farm and tell its story. But the farm is also visited when there are no intermediaries on site. A three-dimensional listening experience can be an entrance to life on the farm for visitors of all ages and with different cultural backgrounds. It can spark the imagination and open up a quiet courtyard for anyone who wants to listen. The sound experience, which is wordless, should start the visitor's imagination instead of the museum as a mediator, as in a classic audio guide. Helsingborgs museum has not worked with three-dimensional storytelling before. It will be an exciting innovation to work on. Other historical environments are in turn if we and our audience feel that the listening experiences at Lillarydsgården arouse interest.


This is a collaboration between Helsingborgs museum and Fredriksdal where a cultural educator, an antiquarian and a photographer through grants from Region Skåne participate in a learning process with a number of workshops together with other cultural heritage institutions. The method is based on prototyping, ie that the project is tested and evaluated during the work.

BoostHbg has been awarded a grant from Region Skåne to keep this together and six more projects in the Skåne cultural heritage sector with the aim of finding the right format for strong stories and equally strong audience experiences.

Where we are in the project

All workshops have been completed, some went digital.

The sound experience will consist of two soundtracks. On the one hand, it is a piece of music that lies as a soundtrack. This has been written by Christoffer Malmöström and the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra has recorded. The second soundtrack will be recorded on site at Lillaryd now in May 2021. After that, the two soundtracks will be baked together by a production agency. The idea is to test the sound on different test groups to get input and be able to develop it. In the next step, it will be tested at the intended location to see how it works.

Impact target

That the new experience will arouse interest among visitors and open up for further development of Helsingborg's museums' way of creating interest in cultural heritage.

Resident involvement

The project will be tested in two different phases where we involve the residents. In the first stage, one or more groups will be able to listen to the sound experience and like it. Through their input, we can further develop the project. In the second phase, the sound experience will be tested on site at Lillarydsgården. There, partly planned groups will test, but also the visitors who come there will be given the opportunity to comment.


Name: Åsa Hässlekvist
E-mail: asa.hasslekvist@helsingborg.se

Name: Anna Bank
E-mail: anna.bank@helsingborg.se