Around Oceanpiren you will in a few years be able to visit Sweden's first marine park with the goal of creating better conditions for plants and animals in the sea. But also create new experiences for residents and visitors. One of the attractions will be a stone reef in Södra hamnen that makes it possible to see and experience what is under the sea.


Today, when building close to the coast, you do not always create good conditions for plants and animals to live. A reef will provide the right conditions for more plants and animals to live in the harbor. At the same time as we build up the bottom with the reef, we can make the plants and animals in the sea visible from the surface. This makes it possible for you as a visitor to experience the sea from land and get closer to the water surface to better experience the reef. In addition to the reef, a floating bridge or similar will also be needed.


The idea is that the reef will be adjacent to the "Doll Park" and be a location for the nature experience down in the sea. The harbor basin can then have qualities such as a green area where residents can seek nature experiences and tranquility. Various activities can also be linked to the reef, such as marine pedagogy or lending of nets.

We will follow up and document how the reef contributes to increasing the amount of animals and plants by doing a pre- and post-study.

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Impact target

Create new reading experiences for residents and visitors

Impact target

Create better conditions for plants and animals in the sea.

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    The Environmental Administration

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    Climate & Environment

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    Free time, Port, Environment, Public environment, Urban planning

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    The City Building Administration


Name: Stina Bertilsson Adult
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Name: Robert Jakobsson-Åhl
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