What we do is buy the trees in advance and let them grow in the urban environment instead of at a nursery elsewhere. By doing so, we keep track of the trees getting the right quality and feeling good while the residents can enjoy the greenery during the years that the test is in progress.



How do we meet the challenges of the future with rapid change while at the same time building a city that will last a long time and require large investments? One way the city will test is to work with more flexible solutions such as creating a temporary park by building a nursery in the middle of the city. This would mean that we can test ourselves and learn in the meantime by listening to how the residents experience what we do at an early stage, long before we have decided on costly permanent solutions.



We plan to test this way of working by transforming a place into an attractive lane, such as a street. Here, the temporary park can be the method that transforms the challenge that a place is perceived as inhospitable and meager to instead be an opportunity where the city learns new things and the inhabitants get a better quality of life. Positive effects we expect are:


Design a pleasant and humane environment

Increase the influence of the inhabitants

Increase the amount of greenery in the city

Reinforce walking and cycling paths

Increase safety and road safety

Here you can see a movie if you want to know more about the park.

In 2022, we will use our mobile park to create new values temporarily. The pilot is scaled up when Ikea creates a forest around magazine 405 for Camp Together.



Impact target

The initiative will increase the influence of the inhabitants, increase safety and road safety and at the same time design a pleasant and humane environment.


Name: Martin Hadmyr
E-mail: martin.hadmyr@helsingborg.se