We want to create something sustainable and unique that not only enriches our lives but also the lives that exist around us and that are not always visible. We think of life in the sea, the animals and plants in the Sound. Our vision is that in a few years you will be able to visit Sweden's first marina park around Oceanpiren. A park in the sea that creates value in the same way as a park or nature area on land. The sea is one of Helsingborg's biggest assets and everyone wants to be able to experience this.

Imagine walking down to the Ocean Pier and sitting on a jetty, taking off your shoes and dipping your feet in the water. A little further away you see someone fishing at the quayside and on the pier are some children fishing for crabs. You see fish swimming, crabs, seaweed, mussels and barnacles sitting on the rocks at the water's edge and it almost feels like you are sitting with your feet in an aquarium. Imagine, an aquarium and an ocean in the middle of our city, Helsingborg!


We think that there is a need for a new way of thinking about design in urban marine environments where we pay attention to, make accessible and make it easier for residents to get close to the sea and design the quayside, slopes and underwater environment so that marine plants and animals can establish themselves and become visible. Why is this important? For Helsingborg, the proximity to the sea and its assets is a great resource. We travel on the sea and socialize by it and get food from there - it gives us quality of life. The great value of the sea is based on the fact that it is healthy and alive. By making the sea accessible to residents, their connection and understanding of the sea can be strengthened so that we all take care of our common resource.

The marine park will also create a starting point for other values and interests that can be linked to the site. For example, marine educational activities, "sea kitchen" with lending of tools for activities in and by the sea, diving and snorkeling place and places for peace and contemplation.

Move again in the tank to Oceanhamnen where we have designed both the marine environment and the surrounding areas to create quality of life for you and our neighbors in the sea and where we have the sea in the city. On a bench behind you, some divers from a local diving club are in the process of putting on their equipment. They will practice freediving in the harbor basin. Once at the bottom, they will see the stone reefs with mussels and seaweed we have created and maybe even the artwork that has been placed as an exciting installation at the bottom. A work of art that is illuminated a few hours after sunset and attracts attention from land even when it is dark. Of course, it is quality of life to be able to sit with your feet in a clean sea water, and be able to see the rich plant and animal life, while sitting in the middle of a vibrant urban environment.


To make this possible, we currently want to test three things, put structures on the quayside, create a stone reef and produce a catalog of measures for city planners. By exploring these possibilities, we want to show how the city takes its responsibility when we build in locations close to the sea. Maybe we can even increase the conditions for marine life and the biological diversity of the Sound through our measures. At the same time as we raise the inhabitants' quality of life and awareness of the sea.

Here you can read about the other projects that are included:

You can also read more about the project on the environmental administration's intranet.

Impact target

Create better conditions for plants and animals in the sea.

Impact target

Create new experiences for residents and visitors

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Name: Robert Jakobsson Ahl
E-mail: robert.jakobsson-ahl@helsingborg.se