The City of Helsingborg's trend and external analysis has long been an appreciated tool for business planning, projects, business development and innovation work. It will now be given a new form to better meet the organization's needs and strengthen the ability to innovate internally. We go from a traditional report to an analysis that can be adapted to the individual's conditions and areas of interest - which makes the trend and external analysis the first of its kind in Sweden.


More and more employees in the municipal organization need to have a strong external control and, above all, an understanding of new trends that affect their work. This makes it possible to plan the business better but also to develop it to meet future needs before they arise. Of course, this also contributes to a strengthened ability to conduct innovation work that is both challenge-driven and opportunity-driven. This in turn is important for municipal activities to be able to meet the needs, challenges and opportunities of the future in a good and efficient way. The trend and external analysis also makes it possible for us to share knowledge with external partners, which enables better and smarter collaborations.


The innovative thing in the trend and surrounding analysis 2.0 is that we are testing a new way of presenting a trend and surrounding analysis to the city's employees. We go from a relatively static "digital report" to an interactive website that can be adapted to the individual's needs. The idea is to try to design the trend and external analysis so that it is no longer "one size fits all" so that employees with a few keystrokes can create a tailored trend and external analysis that gives them exactly the information and insights they need or want. have.

Being able to tailor the content on a website is nothing new in the world or Sweden, just look at the Swedes and the internet. However, it is new for the city of Helsingborg and it is definitely a completely new way for a municipality to work with its trend and external analysis (which thus usually taking the form of a simple report).

Users have been involved and will be further involved in the future to ensure that we have the customer's focus. We adopt a new way of working with the city's trend and surrounding world analysis. We are already Sweden's leaders in this area, and now we are taking it a step further.

From 1 March, it will be realized and then it will be shown at the release event of the trend and external analysis.

Impact target

Increased current situation and understanding of societal trends, which will lead to more efficient business development as well as more challenge-driven and opportunity-driven innovation.


A new web platform with expanded functionality, which means that the trend and external analysis can be adapted to the individual's needs and conditions is delivered. Evaluation of the platform will take place during the year.

  • Driven by

    The city management administration

  • Category

    Digitization & Technology

  • Technologies

    Digital communication

  • Estimated budget

    90,000 kr

  • Partners

    Infab Communication


Name: Henrik Persson
E-mail: henrik.persson@helsingborg.se