With the help of a new way of working, new processes and a new system support, we go from an analogue to a digital and data-driven approach in the work to reduce the number of violations in school.


Documenting and following up reported violation cases is fundamental to being able to work systematically to prevent the occurrence of new violations. However, the documentation processes are time-consuming for school staff and difficult to handle from an analysis perspective. Now we want to find processes, working methods and a digital system that both facilitates administration and enables more analysis of the factors and circumstances that drive the number of cases.


We are now looking for possible ways to develop a process for documentation and data collection that can enable smoother analysis. A couple of schools will act as pilot schools and in parallel with the test of the technical solution, tests and exchanges of experience between the schools will also be made so that we can identify what working methods and processes need to look like.

Impact target

Implementation of model for processes and support linked to abusive treatment


Name: Susanne Enhörning - Project Manager Student Health
E-mail: Susanne.enhörning@helsingborg.se