Move to the 1970s Drottninghög. Sit down in the furniture, experience the gadgets and the atmosphere of the time. Experience theater, dance and music performances in the small format but which with digital technology reaches many. Think about why Sweden started the million program, what problems needed to be solved then and what can we learn from it today? The project takes the cultural heritage as a starting point for reflecting on Sweden then and now and on reuse and recycling as part of building the sustainable society of the future.


The work of recreating an apartment on Drottninghög to the 1970s takes place in a process where the participation of nearby residents is in focus. Through the process, knowledge about the local history and cultural heritage increases. More knowledge about the place increases anchorage and strengthens belonging and self-esteem.
The apartment will be a place where different cultural forms of expression create exciting meetings with a long range.


We are testing a process where the nearby residents, together with process leaders, decorate, design and fill the apartment with content. A truly democratic project group. Participation and anchoring are key words. The cultural administration through Helsingborg's museums and Dunkers kulturhus leads the process together with Helsingborgshem, Helsingborgs stadsteater and Stadsledningsförvaltningen.

Impact target

To be able to create important content

Impact target

That the residents become ambassadors for the project.

Impact target

To ensure the quality of the content

Impact target

To increase and develop residents' insight into municipal processes

Impact target

To challenge and develop civil servants' ways of collaborating with residents, associations and universities

Impact target

That we go from being learning organizations to also being learning and developing as organizations and employees.

Resident involvement

Residents who are connected to Drottninghög in the 1970s, as well as residents who live on Drottninghög today, are recruited to the project. As members of the project group, the inhabitants of the project work to its final destination, City Expo 2022. All members of the project group work democratically, on equal terms, and contribute to the project from their perspectives. They share their expertise and switch between different roles (beginner / expert) depending on the issue and where in the process they are.


Name: Sonja Kolesar (Project Manager)
E-mail: Sonja.Kolesar@helsingborg.se

Name: Hans Bergfast
E-mail: Hans.Bergfast@helsingborg.se

Name: Ann-Sofie Sassersson
E-mail: Ann-Sofie.Sassersson@helsingborgshem.se