For 34 days, Hex22 gathers people to use technology such as leverage to play, learn and build the solutions that can fix welfare and make the world a better place. Anyone who wants something is welcome to participate in or arrange lectures, trainings, workshops, hackathons, tying conferences or something completely different. Work hard, have fun, find friends for life - and make a big difference.


The world is facing many challenges, and with technology and digitalisation, there are endless opportunities to create scalable solutions that contribute to the world becoming a better place.

Helsingborg has come a long way in its innovation journey but there is still a lot to do. Many of the challenges we try to solve are not unique to Helsingborg, but are found in cities all over Sweden. By collaborating with a wide range of actors from the private and public sectors, we want to both develop new solutions and build a foundation for continued collaboration in the future.


To accomplish this, Hex22 brings people together for 34 days, for 100,000 hours of hacking.

Whether you want to hack one of society's great challenges by building and testing ideas, exploring exhibitions and listening to lectures to hack your own point of view or be a part of an event to hack your network - Hex22 becomes a force gathering at a level that never before happened in Sweden.

Hex22 takes place at Hetch in Helsingborg's new district Oceanhamnen and is streamed online for those who want to participate digitally. Day and night, every day, during (almost) the entire H22.

Geeks and people in power, companies and the public sector, everyone who wants to help improve the world - everyone is welcome to participate, by organizing or participating in a smorgasbord of planned and spontaneous pop-up activities.

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Impact target

During Hex22, various solutions that are linked to the city's challenges will be created and tested

Impact target

Find new ways to work together with other actors (municipalities, business, residents, etc.)

Resident involvement

Many different people from business, organizations and other groups will be involved during Hex22.

  • Driven by

    The city management administration

  • Category

    Digitization & Technology

  • Technologies

    AI, ARE, Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning, VR

  • Estimated budget

    500000 kr

  • Partners



Name: Lovisa Snekkersten
E-mail: lovisa.snekkersten@helsingborg.se

Name: Max Larcombe
E-mail: max.larcombe@helsingborg.se