H22 is Helsingborg's major welfare investment where, through innovation, we want to develop tomorrow's solutions for increased quality of life in a smarter, more caring and sustainable city.

The city's work with H22 consists of two parts:

  • A city-wide investment in innovation, the journey towards a smarter, more caring and sustainable city.
  • A city fair, H22 City Expo, where we shed light on the most important and interesting things that were created until 2022. After H22 City Expo, the long-term investment continues.

Through H22, the city of Helsingborg puts people in focus, by illuminating welfare and urban development from three perspectives:

  • innovative welfare and urban development solutions
  • quality of life - about life in the city and life between houses
  • city governance on leadership and enabling in successful urban development

H22 is as much about learning from each other as it is about sharing our experiences. Nearly 70 partners from academia, organizations, global and local companies have chosen Helsingborg to test and develop the ideas of the future.

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