You're done with the workshop, well done!

While it is important to plan and conduct the workshop effectively, it is at least as important to know what to do next.

Here are some suggestions.

1. Follow up the result

What did you come up with during the workshop?

  • Maybe someone suggested what could be the next step
  • Probably several participants got things to do.
  • Maybe the participants came up with ideas that need to be further developed.

Hopefully you have a clear next step and someone or some participants who are passionate about taking it further. The next step in the process can be to continue to investigate the challenge or to find solutions to it.

Follow up the workshop by sharing a summary of what you have done, what you came up with and what the next step is. Include who is responsible for what and what deadlines there are.

You can also consider creating a new channel in Teams to keep track of the work and enable everyone to follow the progress and contribute.

2. Take it further

If your colleagues are interested in continuing to work on one or more challenges, a possible next step is to follow the guide. I have a challenge.

It is a step-by-step guide that helps you go from a challenge to having developed an idea for a solution and tested it with a simple prototype.

Both individual employees and groups can follow the guide. The instructions are simple and clear to follow, even if you have little or no experience with this type of process before.

Try it and if you encounter problems or get stuck, you can get help from the innovation group below.

Get support and help from your innovation leader

There is help and support to get from an innovation leader on your administration and on Hbg works. You will find a list of the city's innovation leaders here.

They can help you with ideas, inspiration and suggestions on what you can do next and are a good source of information about what is happening in the field of innovation both within and outside your administration.

The innovation leaders are also involved in making the innovation money available to your administration. They can explain how the process goes to pitch an idea and ask for funding for it.