In this step, you will go through all the information you have gathered about the challenge. Give yourself time to reflect on different aspects of the challenge.

This will help you to transform a broad and general challenge into a narrower and locally interesting issue for Helsingborg. Follow these steps to narrow down your challenge.

1. Challenge canvas

Use the notes from previous steps together with the challenge canvas template to frame the challenge.

Follow this method and return here for the next step.

Fill in challenge canvas


2. Talk to people

Now that you've framed the challenge, it's time to find some people to talk to and see what they have to say about your challenge. It is perhaps the easiest way to take the tempo of how others perceive the challenge and what consequences it has for the city or business.

Try this method and then come back here for the next step.

Talk to people


3. Make a decision

What have you learned after following previous steps? Do you still feel tagged in trying to find solutions to the challenge?

Make a decision to either:

If you decide to stop working, think about what you have learned that can help you the next time you identify a challenge. What would you do differently in working on the next challenge?