Now you should describe your idea in more detail and think about it from different perspectives and then talk to others about it.

1. Idécanvas

Fill in an idea canvas to further develop your idea. Set aside some time to explore the options.

Follow this method and return here for the next step.

Fill in an idea canvas


2. Talk to people

Now it's time to talk to others about your idea. By talking to others, you test your idea and learn what others think is good or can be improved. Use your idea canvas as a guide in conversations with others. You can also show them your canvas so they can read it themselves.

Follow this method.

Talk to people


Use the feedback you get in the conversations to develop your idea further. You may want to add or change things on your idea canvas or even make a new one.

Make a decision

What have you learned from doing this step? Does it seem like your idea is worth continuing to develop? Now make a decision to:

  • keep exploring the idea! (Go to the next step: 9. Make a prototype)
  • quit and move on with something else.

If you decide to quit, think about what you have learned that can help you next time. What can you do in the same way or differently with your next idea?