After researching the needs of the users, you have a lot of valuable information. But in order for you to really benefit from it, you should try to find patterns. You can then design these patterns into focus points and decide what to prioritize.

Go through the following steps.

1. Find patterns

The first step is to structure the information and look for patterns. Follow the method and return here for the next step.

Summarize your research


2. Design focus points

Once you have found some patterns in the information, you should formulate partial challenges. You do this by formulating a series of "how could we" questions.

How could we questions


3. Choosing what to focus on

Now you have some different "how could we" questions. Time to choose what to focus on!

You have to prioritize because it is probably not possible to work on all aspects of the challenge at the same time. Use this method to focus on part of the challenge.

Prioritize the challenges


4. Idea day!

Now you have some of the challenge to focus on. Time to come up with a bunch of ideas that could solve the challenge.

To see how you can do that, go to the next step: 6. Develop ideas.