Finding others who want to work with an idea that gives more brain power and more motivation - which increases the chances of success. So how can you find people to work with?

Find people to work with

It's really quite simple. Talk about your idea with others who you think might be interested in it. It could be:

  • colleagues that you work with often
  • colleagues in other teams
  • innovation leader who can connect you with other zealots
  • or colleagues in other departments or administrations.

Tip! They do not have to be experts in the field you are interested in. It is often an advantage to work with people who are not so knowledgeable in the field because they often lack preconceived notions about what can be done.

Bring colleagues with you on the trip

But before you talk to anyone, look through your material. Then it will be easier for you to convey what you work with and inspire others to keep up!

To really get people involved in a project, they need to be inspired. Therefore, think carefully about how you tell about your idea and what you have come up with and encourage them to accompany you on an exciting journey together!

2. Create a team and get it to lift

If you have found someone to work with, spend some time creating team spirit together. Of course, it takes different lengths of time depending on how many of you there are. Also think about what knowledge the team has and needs.

Here are some workshops to get you started with the team

To get to know each other better and work more effectively together, try a workshop with personal presentations. It is very simple and really effective.

Personal presentations


Or test a workshop that in a simple and effective way makes the team take the first steps in the project and make it lift. Try!

Kick off for the project


Make a decision

Have you found someone to work with? If so, fine! If not, can you still move on with the project yourself?

Make a decision to either:

  • Keep exploring the idea! (Go to the next step: 4. Make a prototype)
  • Finish and move on with something else.

If you decide to quit, think about what you learned next time. What can you do in the same way or differently when you get the next idea?