Once you have completed a test round, it is time to analyze the result. Do it when you have the test results fresh in your memory! If you are in a team, gather the team and do it as soon as possible.

1. Look at the stated goals of the test

To keep the right course, it can be good to go back and look at the test's stated goals that you wrote down in the Test Plan. It's a great way to remind yourself of what you wanted to learn from the test.

2. Review the results you collected

You have collected the answers from the people who tested your prototype. This may be in the template for Test Result notes.

Compare the answers, both positive and negative, from different people. Are there any comments or reactions that all or most testers have in common? Do you know why the testers said or reacted that way?

These are your lessons learned from the test.

3. What did you learn?

Summarize your lessons and write down thoughts on how you can change your prototype or what to do next time you test.

Sometimes it can be difficult to see a common thread in the test results. That's all right. But think about why this is so; For example, could it be that you need to test with more, to find more unambiguous answers? Was it the case that the test conditions were very different from test to test?

Need help?

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After evaluating the test, go to the next step: 7. What happens now?