Now you have an idea that you think can solve your challenge! It's a good first step to do some world reconnaissance. Follow each of these steps to get started!

So that you can gather all your notes in one place, you can download and use Explore your idea template.

Download as PPT  Download as PDF

Then either print the template (if you prefer to write by hand) or open it digitally so you can write on it.

1. Google

It may sound obvious - but spending 20 minutes googling your idea can be very valuable.

Follow this method and then return here for the next step.



2. Talk to people

One of the best and fastest ways to understand if you have a good idea is to talk to others.

Try this method and then come back to the next step.

Talk to people


3. Look around here on the innovation page

Under "initiative" are many of the innovative projects that are run in the city of Helsingborg. Try the last method and then continue with the section "Make a decision".

Look at other innovation initiatives


4. Make Decisions

What have you learned from doing this research? Does your idea seem worth developing further?

Now it's time to make a decision that either:

  • Keep exploring the idea even more! (Go to the next step: 8. Make your idea more concrete)
  • Or finish the work with this idea and move on with one of the other ideas you hatched during the idea generation.

If you decide to stop working on this idea, think about what you have learned that can help you next time. What would you do differently in working on the next idea?