Maybe you have decided to work with one or more of Helsingborg's challenges? Maybe your boss has asked you to focus on some of them? Maybe your colleagues have inspired you to come up with your own solutions?

No matter why you want to work on the challenges, you need to understand them before you start working.

Follow the steps below to get started.

Explore the challenges

Helsingborg is one of Europe's most innovative cities and one of the reasons is that we believe in collaborating with the world around us to solve our challenges. The city has developed several city-wide challenges that we need to gather strength around and find new solutions with together with our surroundings.

A good place to start is to read about them here and think about which one you want to start working on. Consider:

  • Which one is most connected to your work?
  • Who are you and your department / administration responsible for?
  • Which gives you an opportunity to collaborate with other departments / administrations?
  • Which do you and your colleagues are most passionate about solving?

Once you have looked through the challenges, decide where to start or discuss with management or your employees to make a decision together (possibly as part of the workshop in the next step).

Book a workshop

A good way to tackle the challenges is to book a workshop to discuss and work with them.

Virtually all of us have regular meetings at our workplace every week or month. It can be an APT, a unit, team or department meeting. Many departments also set aside time to work with innovation, for example in the form of inspirational lectures or workshops for idea generation.

Find a meeting opportunity that you can use to book a workshop about the challenge or challenges you want to work on. The more time you can set aside the better (it is recommended to use at least 30-60 minutes). But even if you only have 15 minutes, you can use it to take a first step.

Once you have found a suitable meeting opportunity, adjust the agenda and send a new calendar invitation. Include a link to the challenges in your invitation. Here's how you could write:

"Hello! On Monday, we gather to orientate ourselves in the city's innovation work. Feel free to read before the meeting ( and think about whether there are any of the challenges you are passionate about. Try not to think of solutions yet, we will work on the basis of an approach where the ideas come later. ”

Think about whether you could invite someone more to the workshop. Could it be an opportunity to work with others than the ones you usually work with? Can it help build relationships with other parts of your administration?

Once you have booked your workshop, go to the next step: 2. Plan and prepare