What will tomorrow’s schools look like?
Learning and Establishment

What will tomorrow’s schools look like?

How should the school environments of the future look? Where will they be? How can schools and educators more easily learn from each other and use each other's abilities?

In the school of the future, the resources will be distributed more seamlessly, and the teaching material will be digitized even further for easier distribution. How can we test and evaluate new digital methodologies better and more often - e.g. increased use of AR/ VR, as research has shown they are effective tools for teaching - without making digitization a goal in itself, rather using it as a means to promote opportunities for learning?

Contact: Cecilia.larsson@helsingborg.se

Focal points

Read more about driving forces behind this challenge in the city's trend and environment analysis. The focal points are described trends in Helsingborg's immediate surroundings that affect the challenge differently.

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