How do we fight segregation in our communities?

How do we fight segregation in our communities?

Socio-economic differences tend to make themselves felt in Helsingborg. There are differences in, for example, health, education and employment.

This has already created grounds for reduced cohesion, reduced trust, feelings of social insecurity and, in the long term, forms of marginalisation that could lead to social unrest. These socio-economic differences are present between different districts, but also within certain districts. How can we counteract them? Can we begin addressing this challenge as early as in preschool and grade school, and if so, how? How does segregated housing affect this phenomenon?


Focal points

Read more about driving forces behind this challenge in the city's trend and environment analysis. The focal points are described trends in Helsingborg's immediate surroundings that affect the challenge differently.

Global Goals

This challenge relates to Sustainable Development Goal: