How can we take advantage of the increasing place dependence?
Digitization & Technology

How can we take advantage of the increasing place dependence?

The accelerating digitalisation has driven several development leaps where the different roles of places are overthrown, changed or reduced.

Developments have reached a point where many old tenacious truths no longer apply. It means, for example, that the city center is losing several of its previous roles when fewer people perform work and purchases there and that places in the countryside in a short time "regained" service, services and functions that previously disappeared but have now returned in a new digital form. The change also accelerates the structural transformation in the business sector and creates new needs and challenges for companies. The increasing place dependence also reduces the need to be on site to perform work and changes the view of where and when it should be performed.

How can we meet the increased dependence on space in the planning of housing and business land? How do we develop the city center when it loses some of its former significance? How can we build on Helsingborg's strengths in, for example, transport, logistics and trade when the importance of places is redefined? How can meet and benefit from the changed view of teleworking?

Focal points

Read more about driving forces behind this challenge in the city's trend and environment analysis. The focal points are described trends in Helsingborg's immediate surroundings that affect the challenge differently.


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