How can we improve security for our citizens?

How can we improve security for our citizens?

In Helsingborg, trust between residents is lower than in most comparable cities, which may partly explain why residents' security in the public space is also lower on average.

Research shows that security is clearly affected by the trust, community and togetherness people feel, even with other residents in their own residential area. This in turn is largely determined by one's own life situation and is also influenced by the behavior of others who are staying or moving in the area. How do we create safe urban environments and enable community that strengthens trust and security in our neighborhoods? How can we get more people in insecure neighborhoods in education and work? How can we create a calmer traffic environment and safer public transport?

Focal points

Read more about driving forces behind this challenge in the city's trend and environment analysis. The focal points are described trends in Helsingborg's immediate surroundings that affect the challenge differently.


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