How can we become better at attracting, retaining and developing skills?
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How can we become better at attracting, retaining and developing skills?

It will become increasingly difficult to attract and retain employees and managers when competition for labor intensifies in the future. At the same time, the use of new technology and new working methods entails an increased need for competence development.

In the coming years, the proportion of residents of working age is expected to decrease in parallel with the proportion of older people increasing. At the same time, the demand for skills is already greater than the supply in the labor market. In the long run, it can be difficult to recruit enough staff, not least in school, health and care. In parallel, the use of new technology in the work increases, and thus the need for ongoing further training for the individual employee to be able to solve their work tasks. In addition, there is an increased need to involve customers and users to ensure that we have the right ability and competence in the design and execution of services.

How can we further strengthen our attractiveness as employers when competition for labor increases? How can we find new ways to develop skills in order to take maximum advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation and technology development? How can we involve those we exist for, to sharpen our recruitment and ensure that we have access to the right abilities?

Focal points

Read more about driving forces behind this challenge in the city's trend and environment analysis. The focal points are described trends in Helsingborg's immediate surroundings that affect the challenge differently.


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